Webe no more…and that is a good news.

Webe will be discontinued…..err, let me rephrase that. Webe will be rebranded as Unifi and this is happening on ‘Hari Malaysia’ which is on the 16th of September. For existing users, what does that mean? Well, you don’t need to worry about anything because the only change you will see is the telco logo next to your signal bar changing from Webe to Unifi. There will be no other change.

Why are they even doing this? Probably because they want to have just one name across all their services. The name Unifi is very popular and when it comes to reliability, Unifi broadband is much more reliable than other broadband companies in Malaysia (no comments about Time broadband though). Furthermore a lot of people still see Webe as P1. They just hate P1 so much due to all the bad experiences they had and as such they assume that Webe will also give them the same shit. So by changing the name to Unifi, I hope things will get a lot better.

By the way, I’ve personally used Webe when it was launched and I was satisfied with their service. Everything was as promised. Of course, 5 Mbps speed is nothing great but it was as what Webe promised – Unlimited internet with a speed capped at 5 Mbps. In fact, the ‘unlimited internet’ was too good that rivals like DiGi and U Mobile started offering similar plans. However, DiGi couldn’t continuously offer their Infinity 80 plan and decided not to allow any new subscriptions.Of course, DiGi did a good thing by offering 10 GB free tethering with the plan. Webe initially was not offering any free data for tethering. After DiGi introduced their plan, Webe started off by offering 1 GB tethering and eventually increased it to 10 GB as how it is currently. So to those who are enjoying Webe’s 10 GB free tethering, you should thank DiGi.

I have just visited Webe’s website and the screenshot above is what exactly shown. If you need to know more about the change, you can refer to their blog – Webe. To know even more, we shall wait till the 16th of September.


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