Review | Jabra Speak 710.

Jabra Speak 710 is a portable speaker which is about the size of your hand. I have to admit that the Speak 710 has an impressive sound quality, a trait which I’ve never seen in any other speaker of that size so far.

Unfortunately, it is not financially practical for normal people like you and me to get this. Why would I spend RM 1750 (excluding GST) when I have better options out there which cost far less? Well, keep reading because who knows, you might end up buying one despite the hefty price tag. 


Weight 298 grams.
Connectivity options 100 cm USB cord and bluetooth (via dongle for PC or without dongle for phones etc).
Wireless range up to 30 m / 100 ft.
Peak output power 10 watts.
Charging interface USB A.
Microphone type omni-directional.
Talk time up to 15 hours.
Price RM 1750 (or RM 1855 including GST).
What’s inside the box Jabra Speak 710, Jabra Link 370 USB adapter, quick start guide, Neoprene pouch and warranty leaflet.

Certifications :

  • Microsoft (Skype for Business)
  • Cisco (Cisco 7800 series, Cisco 8800 series, Cisco Jabber, Cisco VXME eLux – HP ThinPro – SUSE, DX series)
  • Avaya (Avaya Communicator, Avaya One-X Agent, Avaya One-X Communicator)
  • Mitel (Mitel 68XX series, BluStar, MiVoice)
  • Unify (Unify OpenScape series)
  • Alcatel-Lucent (ALU Open Touch 8xxx, ALU OpenTouch Conversation, ALU PIMphony, IP Desktop Softphone)
  • Citrix (HDX RealTime Optimization Pack)



The one that I have with me is a review unit and I am not sure if anything was taken out from the box before I even got it. However, based on the spec sheet above, looks like nothing is missing. The quick start guide is useless. It doesn’t explain anything in detail but you don’t need to worry about that because getting started with the Speak 710 is very straight forward. Jabra Link 370 is attached to the speaker itself. Neoprene pouch is a good stuff to prevent your Speak 710 from scratches but it is too thin to protect your speaker from a hard fall. For something worth RM 1750, I was expecting a much better pouch.



The speak 710 has a classy look. It feels very solid in hand. It is very steady on the table and can be used either lying flat (where the speaker is facing the ceiling) or facing you (there is a stand behind). There is a rubber at the bottom of the speaker as well as on the stand’s leg to ensure that your speaker stands firm even on a slippery surface.

Just next to the stand, you will find a Bluetooth dongle called Jabra Link 370 USB adapter. As some of you might already know, most of our laptops are using the same chip for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. When we use both these functions at the same time, there is a possibility for the quality to be intermittent. That is where the adapter comes in handy, to make sure that your call quality or music experience via Jabra Speak 710 is smooth and enjoyable. You can easily pop out the dongle using your finger and it is very tiny. So please make sure you don’t misplace it. Once you’ve connected the dongle to your laptop / PC, you can easily detect your Speak 710 without any issues.

One thing that I didn’t like about the Speak 710 (apart from the price) is the USB cord. I find it to be ugly and spoiling the looks of the speaker. When you roll the cord behind the speaker, the head of the USB can still be seen and there is no proper place to attach it. As such, it comes out every now and then which makes it look untidy.



I had mixed feelings when I used the Jabra Speak 710 for phone calls. The call quality was good but the loudness was not up to my expectation. I won’t say that the speaker was not loud. It was neither too loud nor too soft. I wish it can be even louder because when I tested the speaker, it was in my own room which is not too big. So imagine if I set it up in a meeting room, how will it be?

Another thing is, the other party was also saying that my voice was not loud enough although it was clear. The speaker was only about 35-40 cm away from me and I don’t think it is practical to go any nearer. Well, the quality was not bad but I wish it could be louder because in case there is any background noise, the other party must still be able to hear my voice clearly.

By the way, I connected the Speak 710 to my Redmi 4X during the tests. I was using conventional mobile to mobile calling method. I am not sure if that affects the loudness. Just to get a clearer picture, I even connected the speaker to my PC and made a voice recording and playback test. Again, the sound quality was good but it was not too loud.



This is where the Speak 710 excels. Wow, the music quality is very good, which I didn’t expect from a speaker of this size.  Again, it is not the best that I’ve heard but it is definitely worth giving an applause. I was also surprised that the music was very loud because when I used the speaker for phone calls, it was not as loud as this. Even in just 60%, I felt that the music was quite loud in my room.

Some of you might say, “is that something great for a speaker selling at that price?” but you have to understand that the Jabra Speak 710 is not something to replace your home theater system. It is unique and will be suitable for someone who is looking for a good quality speaker which is portable, lightweight and is not dependent on any external power supply. You can bring it for a camping trip or when you are planning to arrange for a conference call in the middle of……………probably an open field.



I was told by Jabra that their target market is corporate people. The main use of Jabra Speak is for conference calls where people can sit around the speaker and everyone can listen to the conversation. It can be used for calls e.g. Skype or even traditional conference calls. The advantage of using Speak 710 for conference calls is the portability of the speaker. The portability is very essential when you are hosting a conference call out of office e.g. at a coffee shop nearby with your colleagues. The built-in battery is also essential in a situation where you don’t have a power point, for instance when you are having a conference call at the park near your office.

So if you are looking for a good quality speaker which is portable enough to carry around, less bulky and is also not dependent on any external power source, then the Speak 710 will be your choice. Thinking about it again, it will only be useful during a conference call where 2 or more people are involved. If you are alone, then you can just use headphones, right?

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Built-in battery is useful outdoor.
  • Good quality music.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Expensive.
  • Messy USB cord.
  • Filmsy pouch / sleeve.
  • Average call quality
  • Hit or miss voice command


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